Meet Kelly

Professional Coach

Passionate Teacher

Productive Leader

"When things change inside you,

things change around you."

About Me

Living through my own divorce transformed me as a person. Going through that high-conflict traumatic four-year event could have been handled differently had I been armed with more knowledge, guidance and support. 

Providing that help and support to others has always been my passion and it is why I became a professional Life Coach. It’s my belief that people deserve to feel calm and in control in order to make the right, informed decisions and I’d like to guide them to do just that. 

Experiencing a separation and divorce can be both devastating and even paralyzing. 

I was a stay-at-home mom to my amazing three children for 15 years. I was married to a very controlling man who did not want a divorce. The marriage ended because he was neither willing nor capable of putting in the work to save it. I was faced with no financial support from my soon-to-be-ex, no credit and no bank account. It was terrifying, but this challenging time in my life became one of the most gratifying. 


I came to be the “Entrepreneur” of my life.


"Life may not be the party we'd hoped for, but while we are here we should dance."

When I became the “Entrepreneur” of my life, I was able to design what it would look like, how I wanted to live it, and who was to be living in it. I changed my mindset and jumped over any obstacle that came my way - there were many.


I became laser focused on my goals so when “saboteurs” came knocking at my door I did not answer.  I was confident and empowered to keep moving forward.


I began to feel gratitude for everything I wanted to achieve. I began to give thanks and embrace the feeling of already living my new life even before it happened.


What I continue to practice and learn is change doesn’t have to be scary. We can approach change with curiosity, excitement and the feeling of already living it!


Let’s start exploring you as “The Entrepreneur” of your life!

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